4 Types of Investments for Beginners that are Safe and Reliable
4 Types of Investments for Beginners that are Safe and Reliable

4 Types of Investments for Beginners that are Safe and Reliable

Deposit.redaksinet.com – As a layman, not a little think if investing should use a large capital. Though there are many types of investments for beginners with a starting capital of 50 thousand.

With a small capital, we can start investing at any time. The sooner done so, then the profit will we get more and more.

Some investment products are quite popular among young people such as, mutual funds, gold, deposits, up to stock.

In addition to the four types of investment in the above, there are a wide variety of other types of investments which is also quite profitable, loh! An example of such State securities, P2P Lending, and also Forex.

If you’re still undecided, here are some recommendations of the type of investment suitable for beginners, safe, and also reliable.


The deposit is an investment product that advantage can be taken in a certain period of time, starting from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, up to 24 months.

The advantages given deposits are usually different, depending on the policies on each bank. Usually benefits ranging from 4-7% per year with a tax of 20% for deposit with the number at the top of Rp7 million.

Investment deposits are quite popular and widely chosen because it includes the type of safe investment and minimal risk. Investments in the form of deposits is quite a safe because it is already guaranteed by the Deposit insurance Agency (LPS).

If the bank where we keep the deposits bankrupt, then we will still get the deposit funds we as a whole a maximum of rp 2 billion of LPS.

Deposits suitable for investment in the short term, for example, to fund the education of the child or the funds to give birth, because the period is not too long.

Mutual funds

A mutual fund is an investment instrument that is quite popular and is becoming a trend because it can make investments with capital ranging from low. The advantages obtained are quite promising, can reach 20% per year.

Later, the money we invest will be managed by a professional investment manager with the spread of capital that we invest in the money market to earn profit.

Although the profit is large enough, but this depends on the price of the investment instruments in the money market. If you’re down, then the capital that we have deposited can be reduced.

Now, already there are many mutual funds online for beginners that we can choose and manage easily. If we want to get big returns, we can have a stock mutual fund with a high enough risk. Be sure to choose investment managers the best by looking at the track record.

If entailments are already paid off, then we can immediately receive the gold bars. In addition, the gold bars that we receive can be sold or mortgaged to the outlet Pawn shops nearby. Suitable for use if there is a need funds urgently.

Government securities (SBN)

Later, investment in government securities (SBN) also began ogled by the millennial. This is because access to purchase securities of the National’ve been getting easier and can be done online.

Securities National (SBN) is a type of investment in the form of debt securities that can be bought from the government. This type of investment is also promising advantages are large enough, i.e. more than 6% and it is quite safe because it is guaranteed by the government.

There are 3 types of government securities (SBN) which can be selected, namely:

  • Saving Bond Retail (SBR), in the form of bonds of the state
  • Sukuk savings, in the form of government Sharia securities
  • Retail bonds (ORI), the form of government securities that are sold on the retail investor
  • To do this investment, the capital that we have to remove the start of Rp1 million dollars.

The advantage of the SBN can be obtained in 2 ways, namely:

  • we keep the government securities (SBN) to maturity and benefit from the value of the interest in accordance with the initial agreement.
  • we can sell the securities of the National (SBN) through the secondary market at a specific price, so we still get the advantage.


Stock also can be the best investment option due to its large enough. In fact, some of the wealthiest people in the world can also luxury living from the profits of stock investment.

However, before you start investing, make sure we learn from it, yes. Lest we stock investing with borrowed money up to hundreds of millions, but could not manage it properly and instead suffered considerable losses.

Usually, beginners are always tempted by the profits of the stock which is always digembor-heralded on social media. So take action rush with invest all their capital without doing research with detail. Instead of profit, malah buntung.

Before getting into the stock market, make sure we do the research first about the stock and the rules, yes. This is important because the stock is an investment that has a high risk and is full of speculation. we can select the type of stock investment for beginners which has a lot to offer.

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