5 Apps Trending Moneymaker Proven To Pay
5 Apps Trending Moneymaker Proven To Pay

5 Apps Trending Moneymaker Proven To Pay

Deposit.redaksinet.com – And at this time there are a lot of applications producing money that can be used with various schemes of earnings.

There is a need to invite your friends first so the gift can be obtained, there is a mandatory watch videos, play games in the app and so forth.

Some of the applications that I will review in this post. Then, if all the application is legal and proven to pay?

Yes, although not all of it. For example, Snack Video and TikTok which is already listed in the PSE Kominfo. Then there is a NeoBank, one of the bank’s digital Indonesia that is quite popular.

And for those of you who are looking for an moneymaker best 2021 or app money making 2021 the most popular, here’s the article for you.


There are several events TikTok, which has been held since the beginning of the year. The Program allows the user money with easy and simple.

So, what event is it? There are many one of them is by inviting friends to install the app TikTok on their phones. And to this day, the event is still there.

All users of TikTok can participate in the event. The way his participation how? Moreover, if not invite your friends.

Per the invitation is successful, you will be able to 75,000 coins. In addition, people in law will also be able coins.

So, both in law and hosts alike can coins. The magnitude of the coin are different.

Only the invited people should be really a new user and need to enter the invitation code so that the prize can be claimed.

The prize points the invitation is the equivalent of Rp7500 from the results of the conversion points are earned where per 10 points TikTok Event match with the Rp10.

Thus, if you have a friend who not install TikTok, can invite them to download, then enter the invitation code so that the balance of cash in the application can be increased.

Minimum change how? For now, users can exchange at least 500, Rp10.000, Rp20.000 and the highest is Rp30.000

However, independent of the nominal balance is obtained. Because the nominal withdrawal of the above could be increased if the balance is more than 500 thousand.

Withdrawal options what’s on TikTok? There are a few ranging from a digital wallet such as DANA and OVO to bank transfer.


Features moneymaker of an NeoBank by the Bank BNC on TikTok. That is, should invite your friends to be the money.

The commission per the invitation was large enough where a user can be a maximum of 100.000 per invitation successful.

However, sepengalaman I, the user can only Rp20.000 per referral with a record of the people in legislation that successfully open a savings in Neo Bank.

Already there are many things that can be income from this app, directly or indirectly.

And of course, this app really pay because of NeoBank is a bank of digital legal and no permission.

Because Neobank itself is a bank of digital not long ago unveiled permit operation by the FSA together with the Bank Jago, Blu by BCA Digital and others.

In addition, the money earned from the referral commission that does not need to be transferred to other accounts because the NeoBank is a digital accounts.

So, you can directly withdraw cash at the ATM BNC nearby or used to meet daily needs such as buy credit, pay bills and so forth.


If you’re looking for app trending moneymaker proven to pay without having to invite friends that money can’t download the app ClipClaps.

Same as other apps that I’ve discussed above or below where the user can download ClipClaps directly from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Granted, there are features invite your friends in ClipClaps but the reward obtained is not in the form of cash or cash but the reward chest.

When this reward chest in the open, the user had the opportunity to be a maximum of $10, the balance of the Amazon with the same value up to Clapcoins.

Clapcoins this can also be exchanged so the cash. Other tasks there are many such as watch video, upload video, play games, participate in daily challenges and so on.

For the reward is of course in the form of Clapcoins. And the application money in this one are because of the option to the income which the lot.

Methods cashoutnya also varied where the user can pull balances to PayPal, OVO, DANA, Gopay, Pulsa elektrik, Bank transfer up to electrical pulses.

To Pull the money in ClipClaps, a minimum balance must be more than $15. Special for new users, they can Pull $0,10 via Paypal.

Snack Video

After this application can permit operation in Indonesia, Snack Video, including one of the applications moneymaker most trending.

In fact, some people can be up to tens of millions of dollars of Snack Video with just tells a friend install the application.

Option disbursement hell there are a lot ranging from watching a lot of videos to be able coins, check in daily to invite a friend to join and download the app.

For now, per the invitation was successful, you can be able to Rp80.000, which is the cost of the referral of the largest of all the apps moneymaker ever.

In addition by utilizing the monetization feature, the user can have additional income with so creator on Snack Video.

As the festival snack video, follow the program content creator, so host a live broadcast to be able to donations from viewers and others.

So, depending on the user want to take advantage of the features which. Because this app is legal and there are izinya, it is definitely a Snack the video will pay the user any amount.

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