5 Best Investing Apps for Beginners Easy and Reliable!
5 Best Investing Apps for Beginners Easy and Reliable!

5 Best Investing Apps for Beginners Easy and Reliable!

Deposite.redaksinet.com – Best investing apps 2021 unexpectedly has now become a new passion among the people, especially the millennial generation.

Moreover, the pandemic that never ended at this time seems to motivate many people to be very clever to make a financial plan, one of them by investing.

In fact, according to data from the Capital Market Supervisory 1A FSA, the number of investors in the Indonesian capital market surged as much as 42% in March 2020 compared with the previous year.

Seeing this trend, choose an investment becomes the important things that you should do. Here’s a list of the best investing apps that are already registered in the FSA!

Seeds (Investment App Most Easy)

The name of the Seedlings are now being thrust forward so that you would never hear it in the virtual world. Your own seedlings is an invest all-in-one that offers a variety of investment instruments; Mutual funds stocks, bonds, money market, to the mutual funds sharia.

In it there are features of Robo Advisor that will help you choose the path of investment is most appropriate based on the income and funds you want to allocate.

For you who do not have a large income, just calm down! Because in an investment of Seeds you can start investing with minimal funds that start Rp10.000.

The choice of method of payment offered was varied, ranging from the balance GoPay, bank transfer, up LinkAja. No need to worry, because the Seeds have been certified by the FSA so that all the activity in it monitored safely.


  • Free commission fee.
  • Start investing with minimal funds (Rp10.000).
  • The disbursement of funds investment quickly.
  • Payment methods vary.


  • The registration process sometimes failed/error.

Bareksa (Pioneer Investment Platform in Indonesia)

An investment trust, the FSA and other that you can use is Bareksa. In addition to mutual funds, this app also provides a selection of other investment instruments such as government securities (SBN), gold, to the pilgrimage.

All product information will be outlined in the application, including the movement of prices, the profit may be generated, up to the risk.

Before buying, Bareksa will also perform a simulation of the movement of funds for each product. So you can estimate the trade-offs that may be you will get.

For information, Bareksa has earned certification from the FSA and is a partner distribution SBN retail. So for you who are looking for an investment in gold, you can try this app.


  • Product options mutual funds are plentiful.
  • A diverse selection of payment methods.
  • Investment news update every day .


  • Minimum investment 50 thousand.
  • The operation of the application a little more difficult for beginners.

Tanamduit (An Investment Gold FSA)

In Tanamduit, the instrument provided in them are mutual funds, insurance and SECURITIES (government securities). However, the flagship is gold.

Interestingly, when you save gold in this app, you get a gold card. The card you can send it to other people, for example a spouse or a parent. The system of redemption is too easy, you only need to sell it again through this app.

The initial capital required for investment is quite low, ranging from Rp10.000. As Seedlings and Bareksa, an investment manager in this app are always supervised by the FSA so that your funding is in it safe.


  • The Minimum investment start Rp10 thousand.
  • Free the cost of transaction of sale and purchase mutual funds.
  • Free transaction fee of the purchase of SECURITIES.


  • Does not have the features of Robo Advisor.
  • Mutual fund products is still relatively little.
  • Minimum purchase of the gold must 0,1 gr.

HSB Investment (Trading Application which is Flexible)

The choice of the next falling on the HSB Investment. A little different with the previous application, HSB Investment is suitable for use by users who already have the experience of planting the capital before.

The products offered are diverse, ranging from the forex (foreign currency), precious metals, stock indices, and so forth.

All activity in it is supervised by the Supervisory board of the Commodity Futures Trading Indonesia (BAPPEBTI), ICDX, as well as ICH.

One of the features of the flagship owned HSB Investment is the IMAGE of (Clearing Information of Trade). This is a feature that allows users to see every transaction that is carried out directly. By doing so, the transparency was always awake.


  • Tickets commissions $0 and low spreads.
  • Provides more than 30 currency pairs, stock indices, gold, etc.
  • Available features gameplay of trading to learn while playing.
  • Easy to use


  • Inidkator trading analysis is less complete.
  • The minimum deposit is relatively high.

KoinWorks (Both Best P2P)

Koinworks is one of the applications of P2P lending are quite popular. The features that brought the app is quite complete and make it easier for you to invest though still a novice.

The minimum limit of investment vary depending on the product you select. For example, for gold, you just need to set up a fund of at least rp 1 thousand.

As for the stock, at least 100 thousand. KoinWorks promising returns of up to 18 percent per year, loh. Like other applications, KoinWorks also been certified by the FSA so that you don’t need to worry.

Rather than relying on the loan application online illegal, it is better to start investing system-based Peer-to-Peer from now on!


Available types of loans are diverse.
Minimum investment is low.
Features Robolending suitable for beginners.


  • A little complicated for beginners.
  • No filters to find the loan that is late/failed to pay.
  • Features autoinvest is still not optimal.

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