5 Investment Goals You Can Learn Here
5 Investment Goals You Can Learn Here

5 Investment Goals You Can Learn Here

Deposit.redaksinet.com – What is the real investment objective? Indeed, this question cannot be answered with certainty because there are several reasons why people do investment activities. Well, from this reason, of course, it will produce different goals between one investor and another investor.

In general, indeed, the purpose of a person investing is to obtain financial benefits. These benefits can be in the form of returns or in other forms. The purpose of the investment made can also be influenced by the time period chosen, whether long or short term.

5 goals of investing

As is known, the purpose of people investing is certainly very diverse. Some are intended to prepare funds for the future and some are just to get returns as soon as possible. Well, the purpose of the investment can be grouped into several forms, as in the following explanation.

1. Obtaining Returns

By investing, a person can earn passive income even routine every month like a salary obtained from the office. Some investment instruments do provide benefits and returns every month to their investors. However, the amount depends on how big and the type of investment. An example is bonds that offer yields in the form of coupons that are given to investors on a regular basis every month.

2.Business Development

Investment can also aim to develop the business that has been owned. The trick is to use the returns obtained from investment as additional capital to develop businesses and businesses that have been undertaken.

3. Guarantee for business

In addition to being able to be used as business development costs, in fact, investment is also useful as a guarantee in business. For example, by investing capital first to suppliers of raw materials, then the business carried out will not run out of stock due to price increases or other things.

The resulting product can also be sold at a cheaper price when the competitor’s price is rising due to the availability of raw materials that have been previously secured.

4.Protecting money from inflation

At any time, inflation cannot be avoided. The thing you can do is to anticipate so that the impact is not too pronounced. Through investment, the adverse effects of inflation can be minimized. Inflation that occurs almost every year results in a decrease in the value of assets and wealth including money.

If only left alone, then the money is getting more and more no price. It’s different if the money you have is saved in the form of investments. For example, saving money by buying gold or property.

5.Preparing Certain Funds

It could be that someone makes an investment to prepare certain funds in the future. The more difficult it is to find a job with a big salary in times of recession like this makes people have to be good at planning their finances. Investment is one of the solutions to manage finances so as not to run out of it in the future.

The funds in question, for example, are for the preparation of children’s school fees, wedding expenses or pension funds if they are no longer working later. All of that can be planned and prepared from the beginning through investment.

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