5 Profitable Investment Of The Future Best
5 Profitable Investment Of The Future Best

5 Profitable Investment Of The Future Best

Deposit.redaksinet.com – Investment is the act of accumulating capital or assets to generate profits or retain its value. For example now you buy an apartment with the price now, then sold it 5 years later with a higher price. A profitable investment not only with large capital, but also with small capital.

You can invest with a starting capital of 100 thousand, for example, for buy 1 lot (1 lot = 100 shares) of the shares. So you could try a profitable investment with a capital of 10 million or even less than that.

Before you start investing, you must know the 3 types of investor risk profile, i.e.:

  • Conservative: the risk Profile of most low and tend to play safe. Low doesn’t matter, the origin of the good
  • Risk profile that is ready to take a big risk, but still be careful and smart restrict the amount of investment in the instrument at high risk.
  • Aggressive: This is the risk profile of investors already ready to receive the profits and large losses with the placement of capital

If you already know the profile of the risks that are owned, you will be easier to determine the investment instruments that are suitable with you. Set aside the income to health insurance. Here are some types of investments that is profitable with small capital and huge 2020 that you can try. Yuk, simak review Qoala here.


A profitable investment first, there is a property that continues to increase every year except when the-when the economy is sluggish or recession. Examples of investment property can be a house that you make the kos-kosan, especially if you max it out with a laundry business or catering.

The property is of the real sector in developing countries can not to affect the inflation due more to the expectations. In other words, real assets is able to protect against inflation. The property is indeed quick investment profitable, only capital required is quite large.


Gold or precious metals still be one of the options that are popular for the people of Indonesia because it is the assets that are easily sold or exchanged for cash. Only gold investment has a risk, especially if you have gold bars in large quantities. Hence, there is the cost of safe deposit box for storage.

In the time of pandemic COVID-19, the price of gold tends to rise in recent times. So naturally, when gold is called the profitable investment 2020. In addition, gold is a profitable investment for the future because of its long-term. Interested in trying a profitable investment with the capital of this small?

Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investment is suitable for you who do not want to mess around with the chart-the chart that complicated. You live entrust the money to the investment manager and the next to get the advantage. There are four types of mutual funds, namely money market mutual funds, fixed income funds, equity funds, and mutual funds mixture. The division was based on the purpose of money the customer will be invested along with the risk profile.

If you want a short-term investment, you can select money market mutual funds. Because 100% of the assets will be distributed in the instrument of short-term such as Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI) and bonds. Mutual fund investment is suitable when you have a conservative risk profile or moderate.

While if you want a long-term investment, you can choose a stock mutual fund. As much as 80% of assets of mutual fund shares will be invested in equity instruments of the company. Investment risk is relatively high so it is suitable for you who have aggressive risk profile.


A profitable investment 2020 furthermore, there are stocks. Stock is one of the products of the capital market and the only product of long-term investment.

There are two main advantages of investing in stocks, namely:

  • Dividends are profits distributed by companies open or Tbk stock to investors or shareholders
  • A Capital gain is a profit from the difference between the selling price and the purchase price of a stock

As a profitable investment for the future, the stock also has some risks such as:

  • Capital loss is the loss of the difference between the selling price and the purchase price of a stock, the opposite of capital gain
  • Liquidity risk is the condition when a public company is declared bankrupt by the Court and then was dissolved and its assets sold to pay the entire obligation. If there is a remainder, the shareholders are entitled to the rest of the sales that


Bonds or debt securities are investment instruments that can be traded in the secondary market of Bursa efek Indonesia (BEI). The bonds are listed on the indonesia stock Exchange (BEI) include:

  • Corporate bonds: derived from state-owned ENTERPRISES, and private companies national
  • Sukuk: islamic securities usually in the form of Sharia securities (SBSN). Options include the choice of the best investment according to Islam
  • Government securities (SBN): marketable securities consisting of Sharia securities (SBSN) and Surat utang negara (SUN)
  • Asset Backed securities (ABS): effects including debt securities with the use of underlying assets as the basis for the issuance of

You will get many advantages when you make the bonds as an investment option best 2020:

  • The advantage of the capital gains from the sale of bonds in the secondary market
  • The relative risk is low compared to other instruments, for example the stock
  • The choice of the series is diverse in the secondary market
  • The provision ratio/coupon/fee/periodic value is above average interest on deposits

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