5 Types of Long-Term Investment that Makes the Rich in the Old Days!
5 Types of Long-Term Investment that Makes the Rich in the Old Days!

5 Types of Long-Term Investment that Makes the Rich in the Old Days!

Deposit.redaksinet.com – 5 Types of Long-Term Investment that Makes the Rich in the Old Days! – By doing both, you can’t just secure the money, but also can add the value of the currency in the future.

Typically, investments are divided into two objectives, namely long-term investment and short term investment.

Well, for a long-term investment on their own, usually chosen by the investors who want value for money continues to experience an increase or gain in the future.

Indeed, judging from the time, long-term investment running for more than 5 years. Therefore, the early or young you invest, the more profit you can get.

But of course, as an investor that you have to be careful, remember each investment must have a risk in it.

Well, here are 5 types of long-term investment that you can choose!

5 Types of Long-Term Investment that Makes the Rich in the Old Days!


It has become common knowledge that the golden is one of the profitable investment.

Many claim that investment weve more stable than the value of the currency. Therefore, this instrument became one of the types of long-term investment.

In addition, investing in gold is also quite easy. you only need to buy gold in the store options, and then after that keep it well in the house.

Well, but of course you have to be careful when you want to buy a gold.

Right now, a lot of elements that a person-the person of fake gold. Then from that, you should know how to distinguish real gold and fake.


Now this, property investment is also good land and buildings a lot of the investors.

This instrument has proven its advantages in the future, this is because the price of land will rise each and every year.

As an example, just try to pay attention, certainly in house prices in the area you’re high than when purchased.

Average if observed, the value of investment properties increased up to 20% every year.

But unfortunately, many young people are reluctant to make this investment because it has a large capital.

The price a property could reach up to hundreds of billions of dollars per unit, especially if it is located in the heart of the city.

But despite having an expensive price, of course, the return that will be given will also be very large.

The Heaviest-Weighted Stock

Stock is one type of long-term investment. By having a stock, it could mean you have a company although only 0,00000001%.

If you do not understand, the stock is a proof of ownership or ownership of a person in a company or a limited liability company.

With have in stock, you will be entitled to dividends or distributions of the company each year.

The heaviest-weighted stock, is a type of stocks featured or top board that goes with numbers large capitalization that is on top of the $ 40 trillion.

Usually, this stock comes from companies that have a high reputation in the industry and have a stable income in dividends.

But, it should be underlined that the stock has a level of fluctuating aggressive, so the risk is also high. However, do not worry because the return that is produced will be large.

Before getting into the stock investment, make sure you already know the fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Mutual Fund Shares

The mutual fund currently also become a popular instrument among the millennial that can be selected in accordance with the financial goals of each.

There are 4 types of mutual funds to choose from namely, money market mutual funds, fixed income, balanced and stock.

Mutual fund shares to be kind of long-term investment next to be considered.

Partner with investment common stock, but what makes mutual funds are different, the moment to invest later, you will be assisted by the Investment Manager (MI) in choosing the products best stock.

Of course this is easy to do, especially for a beginner who does not quite understand the intricacies-not stock investing, but want to feel “play” in this instrument.

It is not possible, later you will be able to undergo this investment itself when it falls in it and understand more about the way of playing.

Partner with investment shares of common stock, the kind of long-term investment has the nature of high risk-high return.

So, be wise before the start don’t you invest but take money from the posts of other needs.

Savings Futures

Types of long-term investment latter is the savings futures. Indeed, this instrument was not as popular as regular savings, but savings futures offers the advantage that is quite tempting.

As the name implies, these savings will force you save regularly in a time that is already approved in the beginning.

Different from a regular savings account, savings futures have a higher interest rate.

But its shortcomings, you can’t release the money. you can only dilute in accordance with the tempo specified in the beginning.

Of the 5 types of long-term investment in the above, if you determine to take the instrument where?

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