6 Best Health Insurance in Indonesia To 2021 [Full]
6 Best Health Insurance in Indonesia To 2021 [Full]

6 Best Health Insurance in Indonesia To 2021 [Full]

Deposit.redaksinet.com – 6 Best Health Insurance in Indonesia To 2021 [Full] best health Insurance generally has a network of hospital partners spacious, benefits coverage complete, up to the insurance limit, which is comparable with the cost of the hospital and the premium paid.

Therefore, in choosing health insurance, it’s good, don’t focus on premium cheap, but also consider the benefits up to the limit.In choosing health insurance, there are several indicators that need to be considered, namely the reputation and financial health of the company up to the benefits of coverage.

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1. Cigna Protection Healthy

Insurance companies Cigna is an American company that provides some type of a variant individual health insurance or family.

One of the options askes the best of Cigna is Cigna Protection Healthy providing health coverage for yourself, spouse, and children.

The benefits offered by Cigna covers:

  • the replacement cost of hospitalization amounted to 300 thousand to Rp1,5 million per day,
  • the replacement cost of surgery ranging from 3 million to 15 million per occurrence,
  • ambulance services for an emergency evacuation.

2. AXA Smartcare Executive

The insurance company AXA Mandiri comes with a choice of policy with the benefits of very complete. Insurance from PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance is the benefit of health insurance, outpatient care, and compensation for death due to accident.

AXA Smartcare Executive is insurance hospital cash plan that provides daily benefit over inpatient care in a hospital.

Here are the benefits of coverage of health insurance AXA Mandiri:

  • Daily cash benefit for inpatient care in a hospital due to illness or accident.
  • Compensation for permanent disability and death and the funeral due to an accident.
  • Selection of simple health, that is answer a simple question related health without the need to do medical check-up.
  • How to pay can start from monthly to annual. Monthly premiums ranging from Rp421.235 course!

3. Lippo HealthPlus Family

HealthPlus Family became one of the health insurance terabaik which gives a solution to the needs of health protection that’s right for you and your family with the very affordable premiums.

Here are the benefits of insurance coverage Lippo HealthPlus Family:

  • Premium starting Rp416 thousands per month for all family members at once.
  • Entry age of the customer: 0-60 years.
  • The policy can be extended up to 65 years old.
  • One policy for all family members at once.
  • Bear the cost of inpatient care in accordance with hospital bills.
  • Coverage of the cost of the room 550 thousand-R1,4 million per day.
  • Limit the benefits of the annual 150-300 million.
  • Has 884 hospital partners that are widespread in the territory of Indonesia.

4. Simas Sehat Gold

Simas Sehat Gold is present to overcome the financial risk that may arise due to accident, illness, or surgery that requires inpatient care in a hospital with the cost of which continues to increase from time to time.

Simas Sehat Gold has benefits coverage:

  • Premium starting Rp171 thousands per month.
  • Bear to the age of 75 years.
  • Benefits review policy: 15 days.
  • Coverage the cost of consulting a general practitioner/specialist according to the bill of the hospital.
  • Coverage of the cost of outpatient emergency according to the bill of the hospital.
  • Daily hospitalization in the hospital.
  • Limit annual ranging from 100-400 million.
  • Provide compensation for death Rp10 million.
  • Advantages provide benefits health insurance + life insurance at once.

5. BRI Life Simply HealthCare

BRI Life Simply HealthCare is one of the askes the best of BRI Life interesting.

Because with a premium of only about 300 thousands per month, customers can get the benefits of inpatient and outpatient care at once.

In addition, the company asuransi BRI Life is also working with Halodoc so that customers can get a doctor’s consultation online for free.

Here are the benefits of coverage BRI Life Simply HealthCare:

  • Premium starting Rp227 thousands per month.
  • The age of admission to major customers: 21 to 65 years.
  • The entry age for the customer additional adult: 21-55 years.
  • The entry age for the customer additional child: 1-21 years.
  • Daily hospitalization in hospital 300 thousand-Rp1,5 million per day.
  • Coverage the cost of ICU Rp1,8 million per day.
  • Coverage of the cost of the surgery up to Rp3 million.
  • Coverage of the cost of a variety of other treatments Rp1,5 million.
  • There is a service of consulting a doctor online for free.
  • Coverage of the cost of outpatient Rp1,5 million.
  • Has about 626 hospital partners in Indonesia.
  • Advantages provide the benefits of health insurance are very complete.

6. Chubb Hospital Cashback Protection

The best health insurance next is Chubb Life, which offers the benefits of insurance compensation for hospitalization daily and ICU up to Rp1,5 million per day.

Here are the benefits Chubb Hospital Cashback Protection:

  • Premiums start from Rp165 thousands per month.
  • Daily hospitalization in hospital 300-900 thousand per day.
  • Coverage the cost of ICU 600 thousand-Rp1,8 million per day.
  • The return of premium benefit 50% in year 3 and 50% in the 5th year.

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