6 List Of The Best Investing Apps 2021
6 List Of The Best Investing Apps 2021

6 List Of The Best Investing Apps 2021

Deposit.redaksinet.com – While this investment became very popular, not only among the entrepreneurs. But both also began to demand by the public, even by the millennial generation. The level of consciousness will be planning or managing your finances, start making the best investing apps much sought after. The investment itself is an asset that is owned to benefit in the future.

Assets invested are also many species, ranging from gold, stocks, mutual funds and property. The impression, invest it is difficult and fraught with risk. Though not entirely true, even if compared to previous years. According to the Supervisor of Capital Markets, investors in Indonesia jumped to 42% in 2020. See the thing is, of course, prove that if the interest of the community will invest very large.

Therefore to invest must choose the best investing apps that besides easy to be used, of course, also must be already registered on the Financial Services Authority or FSA. Because with the registration of the app or the company in the FSA, is a guarantee of its own. When they are investing apps are trusted and safe.

Keep your Data Selfie ID card So as Not to Leak and Can be Protected from Fraud

Some of the best investing apps

In selecting applications for investment, make sure if the application is trusted and safe. In addition, please also make sure if already registered and supervised by Financial Services Authority. With so time invested will feel safe. Here are some investing apps that are recommended :

Investment in TanamDuit

Application Tanamduit offers a variety of products to invest in, such as mutual Funds, government securities (SBN) and Insurance. Although many of the investors who choose to invest in Gold that also happens to be the flagship product. Let alone the time saving gold, investors will get a gold card which can be sent to other people. System for disbursement was pretty easy, because Buddy is Smart just stay sell them through the app.

The advantages possessed by Tanamduit is the capital investment is low, namely Rp. 10,000 is ago the transaction purchase of government SECURITIES and sell-buy mutual Funds that do not charge administration. It’s just worth that is unfortunate is the product of the mutual Funds of Tanamduit very limited and for the disbursement of gold, investors must have gold saving of at least 0.1 grams.

OVO Invest

Service OVO Invest, is a kite, both belonging to the e-wallet OVO. Invest in this service is fairly cheap and easy, Buddy is Smart enough to set up the Rp. 10,000 to be used as the initial capital. However, before investing make sure when Buddy Smart already become a user of OVO Premier first. Because only the already premiey, which can do both.

Excess of OVO Invest in addition to the capital is a small, Man Smart can look it up anytime without being exposed to an admin fee. The shortcomings of the service’s OVO this is just the product of its investment limited.

Select your investment in Seeds

Seedlings is an invest with a system of all-in-one, they offer different types of investment products, such as sharia mutual funds, money market, bonds and also the mutual fund shares. Seeds have the features of Robo Advisor, this feature will be help Buddy is Smart to determine which investments are appropriate and in accordance with the funds are also income that will Mate Smart invest.

Luckily for Buddy Smart who do not have a large income. Buddy Clever can still make the investment in the application of these Seeds, because it only requires Rp. 10.000 as the capital first. So, for young people who want to start venturing into the world of investing, you can choose the application of funds. Just obstacles that often occur in applications it is often a failure occurs during the registration process.

Diverse Investment Options Available Bareksa

Product owned by Bareksa is Umrah, gold and government bonds (government securities). On the application Bareksa has also lays out all of the information that Dude Smart need in the application. For example, such as information about the movement of the price, risk and profits as well. Bareksa also provide an overview or simulation of the movement of funds, in each of its products.

Bareksa has a certificate from the FSA and partners SECURITIES that make them trustworthy for Pal Smart who want to invest in gold. To start investing in Bareksa, the capital is quite large. Pal Smart need to prepare the money of Rp. 50.000 and an Bareksa also a little hard to operate when the Buddy Smart is a beginner.

Application KoinWorks

Best investing apps are the most widely recommended is KoinWorks. This app has a lot of investment products and easy enough to operate even if the Buddy Smart still a beginner. Minimum to start investing also vary depending what Mate Smart select. For example, when Buddy is Smart to choose to invest in gold, capital is cheap, with enough Rp 1000 course.

However, if the Buddy Smart to invest in stocks, capital needs to be prepared is Rp. 100,000 with the return of 18% annually. Just calm down, this app is clearly safe and also trustworthy because it is an app that has held a certificate from the FSA.

Magic App

No need to worry if the new start investing in Magical app, because Buddy Smart will be assisted by the system to determine which investments are suited to the financial condition of the Buddy Smart have. Magic will inform you about the right time to buy or sell the stock. This will be very helpful Mate Smart, so you can reduce losses and maximize profit.

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