7 Best Free Korean Drama Watching Apps (Drakor) Sub Indo 2022
7 Best Free Korean Drama Watching Apps (Drakor) Sub Indo 2022

7 Best Free Korean Drama Watching Apps (Drakor) Sub Indo 2022

Deposit.redaksinet.com – The watching drakor application can be an alternative for those of you who don’t want to have complicated access to Korean drama streaming sites from a web browser.

In addition to being simpler, you can also download various latest Korean drama titles to watch offline. Save quota deh!

The more here, the more diverse the title of drakor aja. Not only lift the story interesting and unique aja, but also diverse genres. Suitable for filling time during the pandemic.

With the free watch drakor app, you can not only watch all your favorite drakor offline but also equipped with Indonesian subtitles. As a result, it’s more comfortable watching your idol actors and actresses.

Curious? Just check out the following recommendations for the best free Korean drama watching application. Which is the best app? Will Jaka discuss everything, including the advantages and disadvantages of each application.

1. Viu-Latest Korean & Asian Drama Sub Indo

First there is Viu-the latest Korean & Asian Drama Sub Indo which is one of the drakor applications quite popular among Indonesian users.

In addition to English subtitles, you will also be spoiled with Indonesian subtitles provided. There is also an Offline feature to watch without internet network.

For the quality of the images provided is no less interesting, where you are free to choose as needed in this one Korean movie application.

You can enjoy this Korean movie application for free with ads in it. However, for ad-free viewing, you can subscribe to the premium Viu feature, gang.

If you are looking for the best watching drakor application on iPhone and Android, Viu is one of them that is worth it for you to try.

2. Viki: Korean Dramas, Chinese Movies & Dramas

Viki: Korean dramas, Chinese movies & dramas is a Korean drama streaming application that provides various Asian dramas and movies.

Not only Korean dramas, you can also find dramas, series, and animations from various other countries. Such as Japan, China, to Thailand.

Viki provides several popular romantic Korean dramas, such as “the Penthouse 2”, “Just Between Lovers”, “love Designer”, and others.

3. Netflix

In recent years, Netflix has been a champion in providing quality exclusive content. Not only original movies and series from Hollywood that you can find on this streaming platform, but also various latest and of course Exclusive Korean drama titles.

You can watch popular drakors such as” Vincenzo”,” Vagabond”,” Juvenile Justice”,” Our Beloved Summer”,” Forecasting Love and Weather”,” Twenty Five-Twenty One”, and many more. Netflix also provides Indonesian subtitles and download features so you can watch offline.

Directly download the Korean drama application subtitle Indonesia this one via the link below. First, make sure you have subscribed to your Netflix account so you can access it!

4. Iflix-Movies, TV Series & News

Furthermore, there is also iflix-Movies, TV Series & News which is a Korean sub Indo movie application that is quite popular and has received a lot of positive responses from Google Play users.

Through a special tab called K-flix you can find some recommendations for Korean dramas and movies that can be watched for free without the need for a list and subscription.

Korean dramas like “While You Were Sleeping” or “when the Weather is Fine” can be watched for free, both for Android and iPhone users.

Oh, yes, how to watch drakor on a laptop through this application you can also do if you want a more spacious display. You just visit the official iflix website and watch it streaming.

5. MAXstream

One of the telecommunications providers in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel also provides a video streaming service called MAXstream. In which, there is also a variety of Korean drama content.

In the section called Saranghaeyo, you can find various latest and most popular Korean drama titles that you can watch for free.

Others such as Korean dramas that are on-going or have just ended can only be watched if you have paid a subscription or purchased a special package, gang.

But don’t worry, here you can still watch free dramas such as “Welcome to Waikiki”, “what’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, to “SKY Castle”, you know.

6. iQIYI-movies Dramas & Shows

Next there is the application iQIYI-Movies, dramas & Shows which is an application that comes from China.

So do not be surprised if most of the recommendations are dramas, movies, to series from the Bamboo Curtain country.

But take it easy, for those of you who want to watch korean dramas for free, the watching drakor iQIYI application also provides a tab called K-Drama Selection.

There is the drama “you’re all Surrounded” starring Lee Seung-gi as well as other popular Korean dramas, such as “Reply 1988”, “Healer”, “Inheritors”, and many more.

7. Dailymotion-the Home for Videos

Maybe some of you know that Dailymotion is more effective to use as an application to watch korean dramas on a laptop.

But now, you can enjoy the mobile version through an application called Dailymotion-the Home for Videos that can be downloaded for free for Android and iPhone users.

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion allows anyone to upload videos of Korean dramas that have been subtitled in it.

So, here you must rely on the search feature to search for Korean dramas or movies updated in this one Korean drama movie application.

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