App Forex Trading The Best That has Been Registered in OJK
App Forex Trading The Best That has Been Registered in OJK

App Forex Trading The Best That has Been Registered in OJK – Here are Some of the Trading Application, Forex trading FSA-forex Trading is a type of investment for forex trading in every country in the give an advantage even for novice traders. The current arms trade is very easy to do by anyone. Developer or broker has developed many forex trading applications to the age of the smartphone devices. There are many advantages that you can get when using the app of Forex Trading trusted FSA, namely:

  • Available in Indonesia
  • Sangta Trusted
  • Can work with many banks.

When using the app of forex trading, You should pay attention to whether the application is verified and officially supervised by BAPPEBTI. Below we review a forex broker and Trading app in Indonesia.

Application Trading Forex trading FSA

1. FBS

FBS is a forex broker which was supervised by officials of the central BP in Asia-Jakarta. Incidentally, the FBS is the holder of Customer Service broker Asian best in Asia at once an Insurance Broker the Best of this Year in Indonesia. Last year, the FBS appears as a broker with the fastest growth in Asia.

FBS was started in the year 2009 and fully regulated by the Commission on Finance Agency International, generally referred to as IFSC. FBS has offices in several Asian countries, including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Thailand, Myanmar and Russia, and proud of its client base around 5,000,000 people.

2. ForexTime FXTM

Forex Time (FXTM) began operating in 2011 and is a branch of Financial Services of FT Global Ltd., which offers financial services to investors around the world. Its headquarters are in Jakarta. This quickly formed a substantial presence in the market and achieve success instantly.

3. MultiBank Exchange Group (group MEX)

In fact, this is one of the providers of financial derivatives largest in the world. MEX Group has offices in several countries around the world, highlighting how truly global operation. Today, they have offices in all major continents including the United States, Europe, Australia, Uk and Asia. Group Sex MEX evolved significantly since it was first founded in 2005 and now has the capital is paid off more than $ 322 million.

In fact, according to the report and their statistics, in 2016 the total value of transactions carried out by the broker through their platform more than 4.3 billion dollars. In the next two years, the value of the broker is expected to continue to rise, reaching $ 2 billion of capital of the company, after an initial public offering.

In addition, the trading desk fully automatic used to ensure that no conflict of interest or human error. There are many features that make them stand out in a market as saturated as the following.

  • There is no withdrawal fee set;
  • Mass withdrawals are processed within 24 hours;
  • Liquidity and no trading limits;
  • Software amazing trading using the MetaTrader 4 and 5.
  • Oktafx

OctaFX Forex Trading App is an online broker, established in the year 2011, the leader in forex and CFD. The brand is owned by Octa markets Incorporated. Its operations in accordance with the law and international standards. With Oktafx, you will spread with smooth, fast execution, without shifting, and without citing birthday.

When choosing a broker, there are some issues that are more important than others. The trust of a realtor is of course important. The first thing You should do is check the license owned by the broker, if any. OctaFX has some. The first and foremost is the authentication of financial services (FSA). This allows the company to operate.

So the review of the article that we make about this is some application that is trusted FSA, may be useful.

As the development of the smartphone, access will be trading is becoming increasingly practical and easy to see through a variety of applications. However, You should know what a trading app that is trusted in Indonesia.

Trading App In Indonesia

Investment is very important. This is one way to keep the financial condition, especially for the long term.

How do I invest now more and more. You are free to choose the type of investment that will be used. One of the favorites is Forex Trading.

Stock trading Forex is a type of currency Trading Investment between the countries that can provide benefits for you. Plus the development of Fintech make trading Forex easier to do.

The presence of the developer of the smartphone and the broker that provides the application based on the application.

In addition to supporting the full features there are several advantages if You use this application, among others:

  • There is an option to use the Indonesian language
  • Trusted
  • Work with local banks to process

On the other hand, You should pay attention to a wide range of Forex Trading applications available. Most are not using a reliable app, which has been verified and supervised by the agency for the supervision of commodity trading (BABPEBTI).

For that, my finances will give you some trading app 5 Trusted Forex local that is suitable for You to use. Without the left to the application to follow

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