Explanation Of App Trading OctaFx
Explanation Of App Trading OctaFx

Explanation Of App Trading OctaFx

Deposit.redaksinet.com – Talk about investing in the public funds, stocks, crypto and trading, it seems lately so the hot topic that is always discussed a lot of people, especially with the news about the market price of crypto.

The popularity of investment is Not without reason, thanks to the application-the application provider both, then many people are flocking to produce more better to use it seriously for investment and trading, and just a fad try yourself.

Well this time there is one of the trading app popular because he always makes Cuan. Application without Oktafx. So, if the app OctaFX is indeed worth it…, … as claimed many users? Here we will explain about OctaFX and how to register, how to deposit and how to withdraw. Please continue to refer to the Yes!

Explanation Of App Trading OctaFx

Well Appafx is STP broker forex that provide the distribution service, the client’s order to a broker that a large (usually typing ECN), then connect directly to the interbank market. In other words, this app is a third-party for buddy in trade and investment, as well as monitor the movement of the chart and the market.

One of the features in octavers OctaFX get is luggage storage. This section of the course will offer the opportunity to copy the auto trader is the flagship, so we don’t need to worry if You have a problem at first.

With this feature, but You can also save time compared to making the analysis and the strategy of its own. then pal only have to choose the Master of Forex the best and do is versioned portfolio trading.

The trading Platform is available in OctaFx as follows :

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

This Platform provides high-security features to allow spouses and other traders to choose the position of the Forex or CFD without worrying about the stability of the platform. On MT4 own, will offer the instrument to follow the fluctuations in the price, identify patterns pass through charts and graphs, and apply the technique of automated trading to manage the trade. So really going to help budding Buddy.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

In addition, there Metatrader 5. This Platform is a multi-asset trading the generation that will replace MT4 in some time. As for Metatrader 5 has the function of back-test is not only faster than the MT4, but it also allows the testing of multi-pair in the same time.

For the UI or interface-his own, will partner with MT4. The issue of integration, the integrity of the MT5 is quite unique with exchange center allows traders trading commodities and indices as well as the other.


the latter is no longer trash. The trap itself provides a trading platform that is comprehensive, because it is designed for Forex and CFD trading.

With cTrader, a friend will get a visual support with more than 26 display prepubuilt, in which the appearance can be customized. Also the presence of 50 templates chart can adjust buddy for all analysis, trading strategies that may be.

Application requirements and conditions Oktafx trading

The Minimum Deposit Amount

Of course some of Your time wondering, approximately how much is the minimum to trade here? Need a friend to know, to deposit a minimum akafx own for $ 100 or if dirupikan about USD 1.5 million. With the minimum purchase price, it is quite small compared to other similar applications.

Nice again, an Octa provides the exchange rate fixed at $1 = 10.000 so with a minimum deposit of Rp 1 million, then the pair as the customer will get $ 150.

Broker policy is quite helpful and useful for other traders. Why? Because my friend does not need to dizziness and complicated to monitor the movement of the fluctuation in exchange for dollars and dollars for each friend want to make a deposit or withdraw the profits.

The Type Of Account In OctaFX

Other information in the app OctaFX, there are 2 types of account that can be tried by sobatr. This account is different and each has some very good features from each, but not much of a difference so no need to worry. Well, the type of account is a fixed Rate and floating rate.

Calm down, buddy can You select at once two accounts fix or float if You feel confused to choose one of them.

Features Oktafx

The following explanation of the menu and the features contained in the application OcxtaFX that You can now take advantage of.

Instrument Oktafx

Bebricara about the Instrument, in Oktafx will offer trading forex 28 pair of foreign currencies, as well as instruments 2 Precious Metals, 2 energy and 10 indices.

With the presence of several options, or options such instrument, then the instrument can help investors including buddy to determine the instrument that is most in accordance with investment objectives, and make investment diversification with simple.

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