Fake Rupiah Widespread Recognize The Traits And Signs
Fake Rupiah Widespread Recognize The Traits And Signs

Fake Rupiah Widespread Recognize The Traits And Signs

Deposit.redaksinet.com – Case fraud is always there and are already taking a lot of casualties. Until now, cases of fraud the Rupiah continued to be a threat to wider society. Some time ago there was a case of false stir in Semarang.

The perpetrators of this scam successfully falsify the currency denomination Rp 50.000 almost perfect because on Fake Dollars,there is a thread of security as the amount of money the original.

Therefore, to be aware of the criminal act of counterfeiting money are getting more complicated, people have to recognize the traits and signs of a fake here.

1. Counterfeiting Was Easily Forgotten

The first characteristic of the forgery is that easily fade when exposed to water. This can happen because usually the perpetrators of the fake currency Rupiah can not use the type of paper used real money.

Therefore, the use of media in the aqueous can be used to check the authenticity of Dollars if the 3D method is still considered to be less. Check the Rupiah currency By utilizing the water is quite easy, just rub the surface of money with water, if the ink cash to fade then it is likely the money is fake.

2. The Color Of The Counterfeit Money Is Not Sharp

The second sign of a fake is the color is not sharp. Money fake fake fake Colors can not be as sharp or as good as real money. This happens because the process or technique of printing the original amount of money using pigment ink special.

So, it can be said that the color of the original amount of money can be changed in line with changes in the angle of view of our eyes.

Original money if the beat, then the color will change from greenish to yellow gold. Whereas in a fake Dollars, in addition to a color that is not visible light and tend to be boring, no color change effects such as real money.

3. Form Of Falsification That Feels Smooth

Regardless of the color, the Rupiah said it was one if the printed money it feels smooth. At the time of diterawang false, it seems that water signs are printed with screen printing technique, so it is not textured.

On the contrary, the amount of money the original has a special texture that makes the surface of the money appears. This condition that causes the amount of money that the original feels there is a rough texture when touched.

Please be aware that the process of making a texture simultaneously with the manufacture of paper so that it can form a three-dimensional effect.

For example, in writing numbers to 100 thousand, the main image and the emblem of the eagle, as well as writing the nominal and Bank Indonesia will become rough. In the meantime, making the surface rough in banknotes counterfeit Dollars only with the help of ink screen prints.

4. No Rectoverso On Rupiah False

Features Rupiah false next is the absence rectoverso. Rectoverso is the content of each picture and one of the security features that must be present in the original amount of money. Rectoverso itself has been used as one of the elements of currency security Rupiah since the 1990s.

Security elements rectoverso difficult to create, so Rupiah fake not have this element. The process of making rectoverso is very complicated and involves printing equipment and high precision. Required printing techniques can break down the image into two parts.

Rectoverso logo Bank Indonesia in Rupiah Look Like the picture and ornaments irregular. However, if Your overlay, one of the elements of this security will be seen as the image of the intact form of the logo in the BI.

5. Hidden Pictures In The Forgery That Is Not Detected

To cope with the number of cases of counterfeiting money by the criminal offender, Bank Indonesia complement the security features which is powerful in emissions idr year 2016, with the presence of a hidden picture.

The latent image or the image hidden can be seen from a different perspective and it will change color contrast. The hidden image is an image in the form of multi colors in the form of a nominal figure in the background and the text of the BI in the future.

If You Get A Fake What To Do?

To avoid losses because it already has the money asphalt, then You have to be careful and thorough if You receive money from anyone. In addition, at the time find a fake, please report to the police, banking, Or the Bank Indonesia (BI).

If the reports to BI then it will be dealt with immediately and will be investigated whether the money is completely false. Report counterfeit money this will be useful to use as evidence the investigation, so that the circulation of counterfeit Dollars immediately.

However, You need to know, if the Rupiah proved to be fake, this money will be taken and there is no substitute. The reason is if money is fake replaced with the original, feared that in the day-to-day then and more people are flocking to atone for, including making counterfeit money.

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