Fast and Reliable Online Loans 2021
Fast and Reliable Online Loans 2021

Fast and Reliable Online Loans 2021 Fast and Reliable Online Loans 2021 – The services of a loan of money, especially a loan or credit online more have a place in society. A sudden need, such as swelling of hospital costs, the needs of the child’s school, or to cover the cost of another unexpected make the existence loans online (pinjol) increasingly in demand.

Actually there is a role for an emergency fund that could cover the needs of the. However, not everyone has emergency funds are adequate. Not even a little bit people who do not have an emergency fund at all. If there is a need of funds impromptu, then loans and credit online be the solution.

In the affairs of the credit and of the loan, the actual bank first got the role. Only, the system of loans in the bank was more complicated with the collateral or guarantee. But it takes people is a loan that can be liquid quickly, without warranty, the thawing process is easy, can be repaid, and of course reliable.

To answer the demand of this market, the bank finally offers features unsecured loans aka credit without collateral (KTA). However, there are many factors which ultimately makes the features WE in this bank remains less prestige than the loan services online who offered fintech peer-to-peer lending.

Well, what are the loan application online best able to distribute funds quickly, low interest rates, and reliable is this?


Tunaiku had the tagline ‘Loans Online Fast Liquid Without Collateral’. Loan companies online that has been established since 2014 is one of the products of PT Bank Ammar Indonesia and registered in Financial Services Authority (FSA). Ammar own Bank has been established in Indonesia since 1991.

In Tunaiku, you can attract loans online from Rp2 million to 20 million with a tenor of 6 to 20 months. The installment can be done per month, for 20 months.

Quoted from the description in the app Tunaiku, the interest on the loan is pegged at 3 percent to 4 percent. Maximum interest per year (APR) of 36 percent to 48 percent. The cost of the administration of cash loan also pegged Rp 540,000.

Simulation loans online in Tunaiku:

Susi take online loans amounting to Rp 10 million. With the portion of the flowers mentioned above, then Susi need to pay the monthly installment of Rp 1.167.960 to Rp 1.276.210. That is, the total payment of the loan paid Susi at the end of Rp 14.795.177 to Rp 16.575.654.

Terms borrowed money in Tunaiku is quite easy because without guarantee. Enough with the ID card, you can already get online credit. How to loan even faster, by filling out the submission form (15 minutes), approval (24 hours), contract (1-3 working days), and after that the money immediately liquid.

What about the cost of others? Please be aware that the cost of early repayment: $ 0. Late fee funds easily: Rp 100.000. The cost of delay: 0.16 percent per day.


This one app is enough to have a name because the promotion of a very massive on social media. Kredivo offers installment shopping without credit card and cash loans.

Loan products offered given the tenor for 3, 6, or 12 months. The interest rate of 2.6 percent per month with a percentage of annual interest maximum (APR) of 53,36 percent. Limit of loans that can be disbursed Rp 30 million.

Simulation loans online in Kredivo:
Yanto apply for a loan of $ 1 million with a tenor of 12 months, interest rate of 2.6 percent per month. Then the installments that need to be paid Yanto each month Rp 109.340. While the total amount of money paid on the Site until the end of the installment of Rp 1.312.080.

The terms of the loan in Krediovo also quite easy, Instalment of the goods or the fresh funds only need the ID card without salary slip. Kredivo has also been registered and supervised directly by the FSA.


This Platform provides loan facility that can be liquid quickly. You can attract loans online up to Rp15 million with a tenor of loans ranging from 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Akulaku set a monthly admin fee of 1 percent of the loan principal. In addition, there is interest per month amounted to 1.5 percent of the loan principal.

Annual interest rate maximum (APR) Akulaku by 55,35 percent, including the cost of monthly interest and monthly admin fee.

Simulation loans online in Akulaku:

Hidayat apply for a loan of $ 2 million with a tenor of 6 months. Then Hidayat charged monthly interest fee of 1.5 percent of the loan principal and a monthly admin fee of 1 percent of the loan principal. Then the monthly bills to be paid Hidayat is Rp 383.333. That is, the total of installment payments to be paid Hidayat Rp2.300.000 APR 52.1 percent.

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