Cara Menjadi Selebriti Saham Di Pasar Modal
Cara Menjadi Selebriti Saham Di Pasar Modal

How To Become A Celebrity Shares In The Capital Market – The stock market is increasingly interested in since the Indonesia stock exchange held a campaign “Yuk Nabung” in the last few years. Therefore, the exchange as if it were a “flood beginners” that 99% of the fall in the first study. The phenomenon of flooding of the flood newbie (call for capital market beginners) to make some person that already exist in the capital looked like a teacher shares wise.

They even often given the title of “temperature”. Like the Prophet, “at” and this often creates a prophecy in the form of predictions of shares to be moncer, as well as knowledge about the capital market. The more correct predictions, the more popular also them.

If You love fame in terms of sharing knowledge, then the capital market is a place that can be used as a stage. The popularity of the name of someone in the stock market can be a blessing because some will benefit, either monetization or just the pride of ourselves.

If You do not feel the need to do monetization, at least You will be praised and receive a lot of respect there. Your voice sounds” melody “even as” the contents of note ” by the listener.

Armed with experience from various forums stock, both online and offline for several years, the authors found a unique pattern that used the Stock of celebrities to popularize his own name. If You feel proud to glorify as “temperature” in the capital market even adore beginner investors in the capital market, then the tips below need to be considered.

1. Show Me Success In The Past

One of the tricks from the some of the “temperature” of the shares is they always talk about success to post a profit. It is usually evidenced by a snippet of the percentage that they have achieved in a specific stock. Be the “temperature” of the stock means that You have to have a track record of success to be proud of.

For all the people who heard the story was very terrible, so that people can remember and talk about you. When there are people that mention the movements that you have, make sure to mention the “I’ve entered in the bottom price in a long time”. The goal is to show that it is not a new thing to “temperature”.

2. Has Its Own Characteristic Features

Make sure You master the technique of the analysis of specific, whether it is fundamental, techniques, tape reading, Bandarmologi, astronomically, BVBK, or else. Need not be described in detail, but try to make the impression of the master in your area. A” temperature ” stocks are often viewed as an entertainer than a teacher indeed.

Those who actually manage assets, such as Rudiyanto of Panin, often less famous than the celebrity stock as Jouska (two party simply referred to as an example).

3. Continue To Repeat Your Prediction

Many-many make a prediction with an explanation, because the analysis is often invite attention. People will join and rate Your opinion.if one of this prediction can be managed in the near future or in the long term. If then your prediction proves true, then You have to hard-hard.

All the” temperature “that is so celebrities will say” I have been working on this for a long time”, and then give me the link or the source that states this. So, no doubt You’ll be known on the forums in stock.

4. If You go, don’t mention is the inclusion

Don’t Specify the point of entry after entry, unless already cuan. One of the most important elements become the “temperature” of a stock is to make Your trail difficult to follow. Stock” temperature ” always announced that they should buy a certain stock at the point of XXXX; far below the average price.

Why should they? If it turns out that after You buy the stock, then the price down, which means Your analysis when wrong. Fortunately, You have yet to announce it so no one knows your fault. If the price drops after the entry was announced, usually the” temperature ” of the stock going to announce that they have been averaged down, one of the strategies recommended Lo Kheng Hong.

Then if the price continues to fall, then the “at” would say that they are still learning and there are no people who do not have the error. Then they will add that in the long term, stock prices can still rise along with the explanation.

Being wrong is not the end of the world. There will be many people who defend you because it felt previously assisted. The knowledge You share will be highly appreciated, and one or two errors will not be much change in the perception of people.

5. Tell Me Then If You Get Out

When market conditions are not good, ” temperature “We respect that the already announced his opinion by saying” Cash Is King ” alias already out of stock. Not long ago, they announced that it was selling without a word.

6. Announce The Victory With A Bang

When it turns out the price of the stock moves in the direction we want, make sure You claim the victory by hard and often. No matter whether Your position is still minus because no one really knows that, considering You did not announce the entry point of his. You will still be called a success if the stock moves in the direction it should be.

7. Try To Look Humble

If You want to attract the hearts of people, then it is important to avoid being arrogant. Words like “I’m still far from perfect because I’m still learning” is the key. People will sympathize with you and will tolerate the mistakes you’ve made. They will be embarrassed and say that You have been good so far. There will be more people who follow, pay attention to the words, and idolized You when this caution.


One good thing about being a celebrity stock you don’t need to be an investor or trader is really nice. Success seleb stock is measured of how much attention you attract, not the prediction accuracy. For Example, W. D. Gann; a trader of astrology known to have the wealth that comes from the sales of books and seminars.

His son, John Gann and a friend, F. B. Thatcher, testified that Gann was a trader who is smart, but the sale of books and seminars that benefit. How about a local celebrity stock? They are scattered in various forums of the stock and is easily recognizable, even you can become one of them. Isn’t the “temperature” so also the price of the stock of a Celebrity can be a career that is quite interesting?

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