How To Download App Vidmate Old
How To Download App Vidmate Old

How To Download App Vidmate Old – Download VidMate APK old or the latest version now has become one of the search are the most searched on Google to download video or the song.

Because, through this application You can download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and video from other platforms. Quick, practical, and easy!

Unfortunately, this application does not You’ll find in the Google Play Store, because this is one of the applications that are prohibited.

However, just calm down! You can download VidMate APK old version or the latest 2021’ve prepared this article! Never mind, yuk!

A glimpse Of VidMate APK

Although no longer available in the Google Play Store, but the popularity of VidMate as one of the applications to download songs and videos that still exist until now.

Even, the download link of VidMate old APK is still a much sought after because it is suitable with HP jadul Android HP.

VidMate APK itself was destroyed from the Play store because they were accused of harming the user by showing ads veiled and silent registering a user to a paid service.

Not only that, this application is also considered a drain on the battery HP and uncover user’s personal information.

Though through a variety of cool features that are offered VidMate, but the pictures are instantly faded and is no longer a hindrance for people to download an app that proves to top this.

Download VidMate APK

For those of you who wear Android smart phone, of course, won’t be an issue if using a new version APK. But, Jeff also provides a version of the past as an additional option.

You can download multiple versions of VidMate MOD APK through the link below:

As said Jeff before, VidMate is an application to download videos that are very popular once.

Not only in Indonesia, but also in some other countries, You know, gang! This certainly happened not without reason. Remember VidMate does offer a variety of features that are very good and profitable.

Same as TubeMate APK or apps download other video, VidMate also offers a variety of features that is very good although some of them in the limited is only available for the latest version.

In addition to the features to download a video, this app also has a user interface (UI) that is simple and easy to use, even for the layman.

For those of you who are still curious of the features in this app, it is better to directly refers to the review is here.

1. Download Video with a resolution of diverse

Video Watch would be more interesting if the quality is good, right? Well, in this version of VidMate old this You can choose different video resolution, gang.

Starting from the lowest quality that the resolution 144p to HD, You choose according to your needs.

However, if Your internet connection is slow, Jaka recommend that You download the quality of the video just let the process quick.

2. Download from a wide range of platforms

As Jeff mentioned earlier, APK VidMate old this allows users to download media files from various platforms, gang.

Started from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter all you can make with just one click!

Because of the way its use is very simple and easy. Guaranteed You will not be confused when using the app it is!

3. To Download Music? Bisa Kok!

In addition to functioning to download videos from Twitter, YouTube, and others, VidMate old You can also use to download a file lagu.

This feature itself is actually not much different with VidMate 2018 or latest version that circulated widely on the internet today.

So, You don’t need to be confused thinking about how to download Your favorite songs that You hear on the internet.

4. The Download Speed Is Relatively Taut

Video download-gara Load lemot banget him? Well, investigate APKMATE kalibaration long in adding functionality to download videos, but it also has the downloading speed is relatively fast.

However, it is also affected by the internet connection You use, yes!

To prove it, it is better if You directly cobain sendri deh app VidMate is, gang.

5. Watch live broadcast TV

This not only plays the role as an application for downloading videos and songs, VidMate APK also provide the feature of watch streaming TV with more than 200 channels.

You will be presented with a variety of national TV channels and international can be chosen according to Your desire. So, they do not need to download the app watch online TV deh!

Unfortunately the feature of watch streaming TV is only available for users of the app lets you download the latest version of the course, the gang.

How To Download Youtube Videos Through VidMate

This app can be used to download videos from YouTube. So if there is a Youtube video that’s like You, can be collected offline. The way to download is also easy.

However, for those of you who are experiencing difficulties, tranquility and don’t worry. Jeff will explain to You in step-by-step, just refer to the following ways:

  • Download and open the app VidMate in HP.
  • Click the YouTube icon on the features tab.
  • Locate and open the video you want to download.
  • Click the download icon.
  • Select the size of the desired resolution, and then press Download.
  • How to watch broadcast TV on VidMate
  • In addition to downloading Youtube videos, it turns out that this application also can be used to watch TV in streaming. Of international TV, up to local channels such as RCTI, or SCTV.
  • aka sure you can do it. Or if You are having trouble, just follow the steps of Jaka here:

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