Internet Cafe Simulator 2
Internet Cafe Simulator 2

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – You have a Cafe or ever want to have a cafe? Download Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Mod APK unlimited money right now. In this game You will have a virtual cafe that crowded.

Manage a cafe is not an easy thing. Especially if the cafe You have it is a cafe of the internet. Cafe internet is certainly a different concept with cafe-cafe other.

Cafe internet this is a cafe that also serve a variety of purposes in the internet world. In Indonesia, the Cafe of the Internet known as internet Cafe or Internet shop.

In the Cafe Internet there are a lot of things that we can do, we can play games, browsing, working on a task or just listen to music or videos on the internet.

First, the cafe-like this become an idol for many people, because the internet is a rare item that can only be owned by some people. However, now many employers cafe bankrupt because the internet has become a primary goods that are owned by any person.

Nevertheless, there are still many cafe-cafe internet that have survived until today. Of course they provide a service different from the previous era.

In the cafe-cafe internet today, employers provide two service models. The first service WIRELESS toned the second Internet service the PC that has millions of important data such as game files, application files, movie files, audio files and others that may be difficult You get yourself.

Whatever the concept, which clearly has a cafe internet is a challenge that is not easy. If You’ve ever wondered what it would be like cafe internet You manage, then You can make it happen through a simulation game named Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Mod APK.

Simulation Games Cafe Internet Second Series

As a gamer, You may not be familiar with the name of this game. Since his first release on a few years back, the game world is quite in hebohkan with the concept of this game. How not, the developer Cheesecake Dev managed to actualize imaginary a lot of people about managing a cafe.

Before there was this game, people can only imagine how the thrill of having a cafe, serving customers to design a cafe as cool as possible. Because in the world of reality, make a cafe is not an easy thing. In addition to the substantial capital, mental hardiness also need to be prepared. Because in the world cafe You will be dealing with a lot of people in a wide range of interests.

In the second series game launched by Cheesecake Dev this, of course, You will get a different experience from the previous series. There are a variety of improvement which is made by developer, who will enrich the convenience of the user.

For those of You who never tried in the first series, You certainly get some of the obstacles like the graph are too simple, the lighting is quite dim to the concept of color that is too dark.

It was felt by the developer, because a lot of players in the first series then leave the game after a few days of play. Because players feel the fatigue of the eye which is quite troublesome.

For those of You who are curious about both series, You can immediately download Internet Cafe Mod APK with unlimited coins in this page.

Increased Range Of Interesting Features

For the sake of giving a lot of information to You all, we have summarized some interesting things in this second series that we get from various sources trusted. Here are some improved features pull it.

The chart – As we had alluded to earlier, if in this second series there are a variety of improvements that You can feel, especially in terms of graphic design. In the first series, You may feel the aura of grim, the lighting is dark and motivation enhancement cafe that is less.

In this second series, You will feel the chart is very good, even close to realistic, the coloring is varied and lighting is adequate. Although the concept You just want to build an Internet Cafe, but a beginning that You enjoy adequate.

Video and Audio Immersive experience – in Addition to the graph increasing, the concept of the video and audio also increased. Every action You take will have impact certain sound that sounded very realistic. The sound of footsteps, the screech of the door, the noise of the market, up to the crowd of people outside the home was sounding pretty good.

In this second series of experiences that You feel more immersive experience so You will feel completely’re managing a cafe. Please try it yourself to prove the greatness of the Internet Cafe 2.

Environment More Broadly – is much liked by the players in the second series this is the environment that is loose and freely. If You’ve ever played the first series, You will only find the narrow alleys with spacious cafe, You are also mediocre.

In this second series, developer Cheesecake Dev has tried to make the environment as possible. So that the distance between the wall and the tooling was proportionate and aesthetically pleasing. Although on the outside packed with the straitness of the man, but You will not feel embarrassed by its density.

Activities Varied – In the first series You will meet with the people of the outskirts of the city that doesn’t clear its activities. However, in this second series You’ll find people with activities that are more varied.

The morning You will see people leaving for work, morning run, outdoor sports, selling, and so forth. The memory of the sight You’re no longer overwhelmed with a narrow alley filled with garbage, dirt to mouse-mouse of the wild.

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