The Key to Success of The Hedge Fund King Ray Dalio
The Key to Success of The Hedge Fund King Ray Dalio

The Key to Success of The Hedge Fund King Ray Dalio – Ray Dalio is the hedge fund manager to lead the U.S., the founder and owner of the company’s hedge funds, the largest in the world, Bridgewater Associates, which manages the assets of the USD150 billion. In addition to the entry in the list of rich people in the world according to Forbes Magazine, Ray Dalio never also appear in the list of 100 most influential people in the world By Time Magazine.

In 2007, he would predict the occurrence of the global financial crisis and a year later he wrote an essay entitled “How the economic machine works; A Template for understanding what is happening now” which is the explanation for this crisis. The Career Of The King Of Hedge Funds? tips on what can be taken from his success in the world of investing?

A Glimpse Of A Ray Davio

Ray Dalio was born in New York in 1949 and received his MBA degree from Harvard Business School. He started his career by working as a floor trader on the New York Stock Exchange before becoming a trader in the commodities market future stock broker at Shearson Hayden Stone in 1974.

Ray Dalio then left Shearson to trade with independent with managing client funds. Not long ago, Ray Dalio founded the hedge Fund firm Bridgewater Associates, based in Westport, Connecticut. In 2012, Bridgewater Associates has become the company’s largest Hedge Funds of the world.

At first, Bridgewater associates provides consulting services in a number of client companies related to the risk of exchange rates of currencies, and when they profit from the recommendations Bridges Bridgewater, many other investors who come to consult.

One of the big companies that lifts the name of the Bridgewater is a Mcdonald’s at the end of the bridge Bridgewater 80s managed to get the Contract Management of the Pension Fund of the Employees of the World Bank and Kodak. Since then, the name of the company Bridgewater Association began to be known world.

Not A Regular Trader

Set Dilio Ray of Hedge Fund managers other is a thorough knowledge of the above Economic Analysis and ambition intellectual. He wants to be known as more than just a sophisticated traders. Ray Davio own is an investor and macro always follow the basic principles that have been made to Bridgewater.

He wrote principles of investment there is in a book called “principles” that should be read by all employees in Bridgewater. At its core, the book teaches that an investor should understand the reality and act on the basis of what happened, not on what is thought or expected.

Trading Without Losing Style Marcelino Livian

Not many people can make that they are able to trade without loss. It sounds more like a distant dream rather than a trading strategy. However, one of the main traders of world-class, namely Marcelino Lipian, able to profit more than 80% in the last four years of trading.

Marcelino Davian started his career in the 90s, a decade before online trading is rife. Reportedly, he was so focused with trading activity, even when eating, the topic of trade, talk with his family. For a birthday gift like his son, he gives the stock Microsoft. To his children, he was taught to “let the money work for us”. It was, according to his opinion, would be better than letting the money stored in the bank of course.

From the figure Marcelino Davian, we can learn some things that will be required to become a successful forex trader. Included:

Have Enough Capital

In addition to Business, Davian also a businessman. He treats trading as a business, and no business wants to roll up the mat. Therefore, he prepared enough capital to trade. So, having enough capital is a trading style of the main Style Marcelino Livian.

Most traders usually prefer to leave things that are floating, but the rush to close a position when in the condition of the floating profit. As a result, if there are losses, trading often fail. On the contrary, Davian is able to withstand the chaos of the market for one year with the provision of strong capital. By doing so, he could always close the position at a profit.

Buy With Low Price, Sell At High Prices

From the previous description it can be seen that Livian including longer-term traders (traders long term). However, the strategy is the most important key is the ability to find rate history-the lowest level and the highest in the time frames large (D1 or W1) , as well as the open position gradually until she has had enough (strategy). Tapaklivian carefully associated with it, but can turn aggressive if You find a good time to go to the market.

Don’t be greedy, Attach a profit Target

The nature of the ravenous or greedy, is one of the basic human nature that is difficult to control. But, if we position the exchange as a source of life, then we will work harder to avoid bankruptcy.

About this, Davian reveals that he wants a profit target of 20% of the capital, with little risk. He said, ” I don’t gamble, I also don’t currently play the lottery . I came to the Forex business and earn money.”The 20 percent that may sound low . But if we see again the first lesson, then of course we can imagine that the gains are not small.


Of Marcelino Davian we can conclude that the ” trade should be seen as a business where the money is ‘working’ for us, rather than letting it sit deposited in the bank”. The Bank can only give flowers to 5-10%, but the investment will produce greater profits.

In addition, it is important to note that the power of capital is very important in investment. Many businesses, both forex and other businesses, failed due to lack of capital to handle the error that is experienced when a new business begins. Enough capital will give us time to gather the experience of trading in demo account and make mistakes while still learning.

The assumption is the same, if the exchange, then one day you’ll lose. In fact, rarely losing experience. For we always hold the 3 points above, we will be able to trade without losing as long as we have a trick in terms of Trade Management capital, maintain health, and not to make a mistake that does not need to be done.

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