The Real Target In Forex Trading
The Real Target In Forex Trading

The Real Target In Forex Trading – Be realistic for some people this is hard. In the real world and in forex trading, a lot of people set a target of ‘unrealistic’ for themselves. First of all, You need to know what you want. Analysis of it; is it realistic enough until you can trust it to be realized? Or whether it is realistic enough for You to be achieved in a certain period of time?

In case of setting the target trading forex, You need to think realistically. Many people think they can quit their main job, and then start to trade forex with small capital.

They heard the words of others that forex can bring wealth, you can make money “many” in a short time. Yes, it is indeed possible. But, as you know, 90% of the traders in the world lose their money. If You set a realistic target or not too high to be achieved with comfortable, then You really can trade better than anyone else.

The Importance Of The Target Trading Realistic

By setting the target realistic, You can avoid huge disappointment. On the contrary, if You set the target too high it is difficult to be realized, then You may be disappointed, and instead of losing all your funds.

Everyone has a dream to make millions of dollars with forex trading, but they often forget that to produce one million dollars, You need to fund more than one million dollars as initial capital.

Actually, the traders are large capitalization is not necessarily what better trader. Large capital only gives You greater flexibility, the risk of which is a bit-per-transaction, and the ability to survive longer in the market. The longer you can survive in this business, the greater your chance for success.

First, when I started trading forex, I have a target of at least 20 USD per day. The first week of trading is very extraordinary, I managed to get more than 100 USD. But then suffered a defeat in a row. I’m starting to miss it, open a trading position is too much to produce more losses. In the end, I lost all my money.

The problem is very simple. This is not a realistic target for me. The initial capital at that time I was just 100 USD! With the target of 20 USD a day-to-day, the percentage compared with the initial capital is too large, so that the flexibility is also low. I was very disappointed, and then change the way I trade and set a realistic target.

Pairs Of Realistic Targets

If You want to create a target in a trade on forex, then first of all, create a target that makes sense. Instead of making the extreme target, try to make someone easily achieved. Let’s say You have an account from 1000 USD and the target of 100 USD per day, does that make sense? 100 USD is 10% of 1000 USD.

If You want to get the minimum of 10% of the initial capital, then You must be willing to accept the risk of it anyway. Even risking 10% of Your account not a good idea. Trust me.

Let’s see the target of my trade. As traders, I have a target of at least 12% of the capital in a month. Each time a trade, I take the risk of 3% of the capital.

To achieve the target of 12% each month, then at least I won four successful trades in a month. It’s not difficult. The Target because it makes sense and can be achieved easily. I feel very comfortable with the target, and it seems also in the performance of my trading.

Every trader is different. Target traders will be different with the target of other traders. It all depends on the character of Your trade.

Find out how You trade, strengths and weaknesses, meaning You can find out whether the target You want to achieve it is quite reasonable for you. Try to target small first, then if You are able to reach it, then You can increase gradually.

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