Tips for Borrowing Money from Fintech And Fast and Reliable Online Loan Application
Tips for Borrowing Money from Fintech And Fast and Reliable Online Loan Application

Tips for Borrowing Money from Fintech And Fast and Reliable Online Loan Application

Tips for Borrowing Money from Fintech And Fast and Reliable Online Loan Application – After listening one by one product fintech or online loans mentioned above, perhaps you confusion decide which loan providers online the best.

You need to realize, even if you are in need of funds quickly and urgently, you still need a little bit of a lot of research to make sure the online loans you pull it will not be troublesome later in the day

Well, here are some tips that can help you to choose the loan providers online best:

  1. Select the App Fintech Official
    Clear, select the official and registered in OJK. Only fintech official who clearly comply with the rules of the FSA. The FSA also has a mechanism to give sanction to the fintech caught the errant. According to the ordinance of the FSA itself, a great interest on the loan should not be of 30 percent.
  2. Select the Low Interest
    This point is certainly useful to a refund of what you paid is not too swollen. Try to compare between one pinjol with pinjol other to find which one offers lower interest.
  3. Record The Due Date Monthly
    You need to be obedient in paying the loan repayment online. If necessary, note the monthly due date in order not to be late. Remember, there will be flowers delay of repayment of the loan.
  4. Prepare The Money In Installments Every Payday
    Don’t underestimate the loan online. Once you borrow from fintech, you must understand that it is a debt that must be paid. You need to regularly and consistently set aside your salary to pay off the entire loan so soon out of debt.
  5. Note The Amount Of The Loan
    Record and document all details of the loan at the beginning. This needs to be done to avoid problems at a later date.

Here are some online loan application best


The money Your have a product tagline ‘Loan Online Safe and Reliable’. This Platform provides money lending micro short-term, suitable for you who need unsecured credit easily and quickly.

There are some products online loans offered money friends. Let’s discuss one by one:

a. Payday / pay

With this facility you can borrow $ 1.5 million to $ 3 million with a tenor of 65-70 days. The flowers are 0.8 percent per day with an admin fee free.


You borrow $ 2 million with a tenor of 65 days and interest of 0.8 per cent per day, then the total number of mortgage payments you are a Rp 3.040.000.

b. Lite Installment / Cicilan Ringan

You can borrow with a ceiling of Usd 3.5 million to Usd 10 million. Tenornya 3 and 6 months with interest of 15 percent to 18 percent per month or 0.5 percent to 0.65 percent per day. The cost of core free.

Simulation: We borrowed $ 10 million with a tenor of 3 months and interest of 15 percent per month. Then the installment bulanannnya is, the first installment of Usd 1.5 million, the second installment of Usd 1.5 million, and the third installment of Usd 11.5 million.

c. Installment / Cicilan

You can borrow Usd 5 million to Usd 20 million with a tenor of 3 and 6 months. Flowers 6-9 percent per month, or 0.2-0.3 percent per day. Admin fee free.


You borrow $ 10 million with a tenor of 6 months and interest rate of 6 percent per month. Installment the monthly is $ 2.266.667. In accordance with the rules of the FSA, the total interest and penalties is the maximum amount of the loan principal. Daily interest is equivalent to 0.8 percent in accordance with the code of ethics of the AFPI and the FSA.


Through JULO, you can borrow fresh funds quickly Rp 500 thousand to $ 8 million, without warranty. The Tenor of the mortgage is in the range of 61 days to 180 days (6 months). The flowers, 4-7 percent per month, with annual interest maximum (APR) between 48-84 percent.

Simulation loans online in JULO:
You borrow money of $ 4 million with a tenor of 6 months and 4 percent interest per month. The mortgage per month is Rp 827 thousand. That is, the total installment payments that need to be repaid later by Rp 827 thousand x 6 = Rp 4.962.000


AdaKami had the tagline ‘the Online Loan Application Cash Without Warranty of Licensed FSA’. The offered products are, among others, the online loan with a limit of Usd 400 thousand to Rp 10 million, tenor 3, 6, and 12 months. Annual interest rate maximum (APR) of 19 percent, with the cost of services to zero percent.

Simulation loans online in AdaKami:

You borrow $ 2 million with a term of installment 6 months. Then the tribe of the monthly will be charged is 19 percent divided by 12 months = 1.58 percent. Floral monthly = Rp 2 million x 1.58 percent = Rp 31.666,67

The number of installment payments per month is ($2 million/6) + Rp 31.666,67 = Rp 365,000

Interest total = Rp 2 million x ((19 percent/12) x 6) = Rp 190.000

So the total cost of return = Rp 2 million + Rp 190.000 = Rp 2.190.000

In AdaKami, filing a loan without ID and without collateral.


Tokopedia it turns out that not only acts as a marketplace, but also offer loans online. The title features offered named ‘Loans Online Tokopedia’. This product is a loan service that can be asked quickly, and works together with a number of banks and financial institutions are trusted.

Online loans that can be asked berlimit Rp 1 million to Rp 3 billion. How to apply for a loan online Tokopedia, directly select the loan product in accordance with the requirements, fill out the form, and complete the required data through the app Tokopedia.

Tenor in a loan online Tokopedia, is 1 month to 96 months. Late fee instalments are set, is the cost of delay 1 days = remaining debt x 10 percent. The cost of delay for n days = remaining principal debt x (10 percent + 2 percent x n).

Credit Smart

Credit Smart offer loan money online with a ceiling of up to Rp 20 million. Admin fee applied of 5 to 15 percent, depending on the amount and the loan period. Tenornya, 91 to 360 days.

Simulation online loans in Credit Smart:
You borrow Rp 2.3 million for 91 days. After deducting the cost of pre-service, the payment amount that you have to do is Rp 2.3 million + (Usd 2.3 million 0,165 percent x 91 hari) = Rp 2.645.100.

Tips for Borrowing Money from Fintech And Fast and Reliable Online Loan Application – Annual interest rate maximum (APR) of no more than 11 percent. Terms borrowed money was not difficult, just with the ID card and without collateral.

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