Tips Jitu Mutual Fund Investment For Beginners
Tips Jitu Mutual Fund Investment For Beginners

Tips Jitu Mutual Fund Investment For Beginners – Tak kenal maka Tak sayang.’ This proverb is very thick with how something may affect a person’s interest. Without knowing, it will be difficult a decision is taken. The same as well as decide to purchase A product, for example, people can feel free to decide to buy or not before know exactly about that product.

For example You will buy a washing machine. Of course You already know what it is washing machine, fungisnya, price range, until where can buy it.

So even with the investment, without knowing first about the investment, people will also tend to eggan do it. Generally, the saving –conventionally – is the only way how to put and keep the money earned.

There are two types of investment, namely the real and non real (financial investment). For financial investment own many kinds, ranging from deposits, mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. If You’ve got interested with the name of the investment in the financial sector, can choose an instrument that suits your needs. That kenalli risk.

For those of You who have never invested in such instruments, do not be afraid and discouraged just because it does not know how. One investment that can be done for beginners is a mutual fund, because it is considered as both the most easily accessible and committed by novice investors.

So what is the only surefire way to invest in mutual funds for beginners without worries with capital that are also affordable? Check out tips on investing in mutual funds here:

Understand Mutual Funds

Most people are not aware of any mutual fund as an investment that can be run by a novice. Of course the first thing that should be known for those who intend to start investing in this instrument is “what is a mutual fund?”

A mutual fund is a container which is used by people to invest in the instruments of the financial market. The rules of the fund is listed on the Capital Market Law No. 8 Year 1995. You don’t need to worry about investing in mutual funds is because it is already recorded in the government and official nature.

How Mutual Funds

Some of the advantages of mutual funds is the verification of the investment, where the investment will be broken down into multiple instruments. So this investment is not only invested in one company, but in some companies.

With the workings of the fund, then when the value of a stock in A company down, then it is not necessarily the funds invested in these instruments also come down. But Your investment will remain safe because it still has investments in place in the instrument or other companies by the investment manager.

In addition to providing a return that is large enough, a mutual fund is also an investment instrument that is easily accessible. Because of this investment has a vast territory, then You should also be able to dig up the information well. Starting from what is needed, how the groove or her journey so that it can be good and growing, and how likely or how the advantages and advantages. In addition, information about the time period of mutual funds to be important. Don’t forget to search for it and get the information that You have.

Determine The Purpose

After knowing that the type of mutual fund is much, then find and define Your own goals. You have to understand the purpose of investing and why choose mutual funds.

Then how much investment You want to instill in mutual funds? If Your investment is for short-term or long-term?

After determining that all, then Your road will be more directed to better suit the needs and what is planned of course in accordance with the purpose. Because mutual funds are broad, then You should narrow the space for You to be more focused and clear.

Types Of Mutual Funds

Next is a type of mutual fund. There are four types of mutual funds that can be Your choice to invest the money in an instrument that is relatively safe.

Money market mutual funds, where all the money placed on deposit, Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI) and also in bonds. The maturity of money market mutual funds is less than one year. Types of mutual funds also tend to be more secure. But again, because the risk is small then the advantage was also relatively small.

Fixed income mutual funds, where the funds allocated to the bonds of at least 80%. The advantage obtained is high and can reach more than 10% per year.

Balanced fund, as the name implies then the fund is using the various regulations of the types before. Very risky but if it works then mutual funds will generate high profits and also amazing. Of course though the produce in the amount of a little or a lot, you as a beginner should be careful in taking decisions and do the mutual funds so as not to lose.

Mutual funds protection or so-called fixed-income fund. Where mutual funds put some of the funds in bond instruments that can provide protection as the name implies. It means that mutual funds have lower risk than equity funds and mixed.

Mutual funds index, where this type is similar to the stock because this instrument can be traded on the stock exchange called the ITF (Exchange Traded Fund) and the price can fluctuate like stocks. However, mutual funds, this usually contains the index of certain dikelol passively, that is, not buy and sell on the exchange unless there is a berlanggaran new or redemption.

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