Trends and Innovation in the Energy Industry 2021
Trends and Innovation in the Energy Industry 2021

Trends and Innovation in the Energy Industry 2021 – Decarbonization indicate the transition to a clean economy and carbon-free by integrating and increasing the share of renewable energy sources. A large increase of electric mobility and higher taxes on fossil fuel use is the way to mendekarbonasi.

Decentralization refers to the power distribution geographically, with a large number of manufacturers and the consumer level. Some areas currently generate electricity independently, although not connected with the distribution Network. In addition, decentralization allows the intensity of the lower energy and provide the opportunity to utilize renewable energy sources.

Digitalization implies the widespread use of machines and digital devices at all levels of the power system, from production and infrastructure to end user devices. Energy 4.0, as it is known, allows the industry to implement solutions energy management and intelligent power based on the interactions of machine-to-machine and machine-human.

The map of innovation outlines the trends of the energy industry on top of prefixes & 20 appointments

To learn in-depth on the trends & industry, the energy from the beginning, we analyze the example of the beginning of 2835 and enhance global scale. The results of this research is data-based innovations to improve strategic decision by providing an overview of the technology and start-ups appear in the energy industry.

This insight is obtained by working with discovery Platform StartUs supported by big data & artificial intelligence, which is owned by 1,379000+ startup & a global scale. This Platform quickly provide an overview of emerging technologies in specific fields as well as identify startup & relevant since the earliest times.

In the Map of Innovation below, You get an overview of the trends & innovations, industry over the impact on energy companies around the world. In addition, the map energy innovation reveals the 20 people a novice, all work on new technologies that advance their field.

Below, You can see 20 of the 2,800+ startup & repair is a promising solution and the solutions they develop. 20 of the prefix are selected based on criteria such as year of establishment, location, funding, and other. Depending on your specific needs, the above options You may look very different.

1. Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy helps to save the environment because it produces harmful emissions is minimal to zero. The basic principles of the use of renewable energy is an extract from a constant source in the environment, such as solar, wind, or through the heat source of the earth.

Next important factor is to change the source into electricity or fuel productive. Range technology that meet many different aspects of the generation of electricity or heat from renewable energy forms one of the trends of the energy industry’s largest. This includes the reduction of the cost for the manufacture of renewable energy infrastructure and power plants with higher efficiency level.

Odqa-concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

At the beginning of the English, Odqa, develop technology CSP utilizes the recipient of the heat of the sun ultra-high which allows the process of heating industrial heating high. This solution opens the power cycle high temperature, increase production, and expand the capacity of the manufacture of the most photovoltaic (PV). They also offer a layout of the new system for the generation of CSP which reduces the cost of manufacture of the PV and improve the efficiency of the overall system.

Echoenergia Generate Wind Energy

Echoenergia company is part of Brazil that manufacture wind power plants with a capacity of operation 732 MW. The company developed a system of monitoring technology called operation control (OCC) to allow decision-making and improved security.

Echoenergia producing the new energy of the complex and adjust the capacity of an individual project with local demand, thus avoiding network congestion and loss of energy that is not required.

2. The Internet of Energy (IOE)

Traditionally, power system using the architecture of the center during construction that brings a set of new challenges for the industry. IOE overcome some of the challenges and offers greater efficiency and optimal design for the energy system of the building.

The Internet of energy to implement a control that is distributed with intelligent through the energy transactions between users. The paradigm of energy generation is currently developing the smart grid and improve the coordination and optimization in energy systems macro.

YDRO – Platform IOE

Argentina NYDRO began to develop a platform that connects energy developers, consumers, and investors. The solution they are utilizing blockchain technology to build an ecosystem complete with coordinating fundraising, joint ownership, the assets and Trade of Renewable Energy.

All material system create a network of smart modular and energy source decentraize. The Platform’s energy management Ndro support the monitoring and optimization of facilities energy storage.

Energeia-Energy Efficiency Solutions

Startup India Energeia provides solutions to monitor, identify, finance and implement energy efficiency in the business model of the savings along. Measure intelligent Energeia collect energy data using the device of the gate and then send it to the online platforms that analyze this data, which ultimately produce energy. The analysis engine generates the consumption trends and predict the potential increase in energy management, which was opened by the changes in the network process.

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