Youtube Go Apk Youtube Go app
Youtube Go Apk Youtube Go app

Youtube Go Apk Youtube Go app – Download Youtube Apk – Youtube today has become a site that is widely used by the people of the world. Starting from children to adults today are already familiar with Youtube. Therefore no wonder if many people who want to download youtube go apk to the smartphone devices.

App YouTube be the solution for smartphone users who want to enjoy all of the streaming video with free and save internet quota you.

Youtube this time will be the application which is widely used by the users of Youtube. While Youtube has official app, Youtube has featured a version of the app is simple via Youtube.

Youtube Go can now be used in more than 130 countries. In general, the function of this app is the same with the Youtube app always is to watch the video. But, of course there is a difference between YouTube … regularly.

For those who don’t know the app or not to use it, You may be wondering what are the advantages of Youtube go. For that here are some of the advantages of the Youtube App go that You should know.

About YouTube Go

YouTube Go is an Android and iOS which is accessed using a smartphone device, this app has exciting features that is not owned by the example of YouTube which you can directly download the video in the app without using the second application.

Another reason why YouTube go Video This Video Player YouTube Video is usually very slow especially when the internet connection is slow, then with the presence of YouTube Go this video will be more smoothly, although the internet is not friendly.

The Function Of YouTube Go

YouTube go is a video streaming application that can play videos in the internet condition even worse this app can play the video without the need of an internet connection.

This application is very suitable for you who do not have internet quota, or want to save quota but can still watch YouTube videos.

As mentioned above that the advantages of this App is You can choose Your favorite videos with You and can be downloaded directly through the app.

Download Youtube Go Apk

Here is the link download aplikasi YouTube go Apk LATEST version GO v3.23.53( 13.6 MB), You can directly download the Apk via the link below:

You can download Youtube go for free, to watch the video in the app which You just need to modal kuota internet saja.

How To Install YouTube Go Apk

  • The first step is to give the setting of the smartphone to receive APK APK APK APK. How to go to Settings > Security > and check unknown sources or unknown sources.
  • The second step, Locate the file of YouTube Go apk usually there in the File Manager > Download > Apk
  • The last step of the installation and the application is ready to use to watch YouTube videos without worrying about running out of quota.

Excess Application Youtube Go

1. The Quota More Efficiently

Youtube Go is an application created by Google. This app is used to meet the needs of smart phone with the standard specifications and the internet connection remains the standard. With this app, user will not spend a lot of quota when watching a video.

In general, the amount of consumption of quota of the application is lower than the regular app.This became one of the main reasons a lot of Android users download YouTube apk.

2. Can Do A Preview Before Download

Users can see at a glance the contents of the video will be saved before download it to Your device. If You are already sure of the quality of the video, You also can save it.

The presence of this preview can minimize the possibility of You save the video, which is not desirable. As is known, this time on Youtube very much video clickbait which depends only on the title and the contents are not in accordance with the title.

3. Can Choose The Size Of The Video

During this time, Google is always trying to understand the wishes of the user. Download video to mobile device can reduce the memory storage device.

Therefore, You can choose the video to fit in with the range from low quality desired with a look that is not too clear to high quality has a great look.

If You want to save a memory or just want to listen to his voice, a video with a visual quality that is low can be a great option.

4. Create Youtube Into Small

Not much different to the version of the application from the Go, this app also has a smaller size from the options Youtube. Youtube go has a size of about 66 MB so it will not take lot of memory when memory is tens of gigabytes.

5. The Video Can Be Transferred To Other Devices

After the videos are downloaded, You can also share the videos that You download with easy. The trick just click the Share menu at the top and then send to device you want.

6. Compatible with Android OS low

Most apps in the Playstore now fit only system with the latest android. But because Youtube Go is designed for devices with spek pas-pasan, this application can be run through a phone with OS version. This app can be used for devices with Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2.1 or the latest version.

These are some of the advantages of the Youtube app which you should know. However, this app also has some limitations that need to be considered. There are several things to be aware of this Application is as follows

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